The White Knight – 1 – The Light Effect


Introduction to the White Knight is here.

Disclaimer: While the technology described in the story may be true, chances are they are my real imaginations and creativity. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Episode 1: The Light Effect


His wife didn’t know about this. She’d have stopped him if she’d known what he’s about to do. But, it was too late. She is the only person in the world who knew he is the only person in the world who could do it. And he did it!

—— 00000 ——

The website didn’t know they were being hacked. He did so in a prime-time and displayed his message which couldn’t be taken off the website for atleast a day. He had hacked into the news website’s database server and hard programmed the news on the database like it’s a notice from the press to the public and its backup DB too. He took a deep breath and published the news. He said to himself, “One down”.

This is what he posted on it (Click on the image to get a better view):


The news went viral. The didn’t know that this had been published on its entire Tamil Nadu version. People started calling the company and asked who the White Knight is. They had no clue. Chennai commissioner went on to make a public statement that the news company didn’t know about this and people don’t need to worry about it. He said that it’s just a stupid computer genius who’ll get caught very soon for the nuisance that he created.

—— 00000 ——

She walked into his room. He was alone and having his regular JD, watching the commissioner’s statement on the news. She walked over to him with the breakfast she prepared and set aside.

“It’s too early for a JD.” He didn’t respond.

“So, why’d you do it?”

“You know why” he said.

“I know why, but why now?”

“Someone has to do it. I can and I’m going to. World has to change. And I’ve decided to change it. I don’t want people to go through what I’m going through.”

“So, you’re going to be a vigilante?”

He let out a dry smile on that comment and clicked on a switch. The entire library that was before them started moving aside and a rack full of computer monitors started moving towards them. One keyboard popped up in front of him and he started typing codes.

—— 00000 ——

Inside one of the biggest MNC, its employees were busy discussing the possibility of detecting high beams. “You think this white knight could really stop people using the high beams?” “Kill a high beam? This guy’s an idiot!” “I don’t think this maniac has any rights to do whatever he’s up to” “People do use high beams these days – I almost hit a two wheeler a couple of days before because one idiot came flashing up towards me!” “He doesn’t have any rights to do anything to our cars. It’s my car and I use it the way I like it” “I don’t think anything’s happening tonight – watch my words, he’s lucky he got that news published!” “White Knight? Hahaha. I think this guy had way too much to drink last night!”

—— 00000 ——

Sun was all set to go to sleep after a tiring day of smoking things up. The news created a big impact, one passed it to other and almost the entire Tamil Nadu knew that something does gonna happen tonight. Or probably, nothing but a hoax! They were about to find out as it was almost time to switch on their lights. Almost all the news channels made sure they covered the city traffic during the night time and some even started running live coverage. “I’m standing here at one of the high traffic area here in Chennai – Old Mahaballipuram Road. The morning news from The White Knight had claimed that people who use high beam has to watch out tonight. We will see if this white Knight will really do something about it in a short while. This is Priya Malhotra reporting from OMR, Chennai for indianews”

People started rushing towards home with their four wheelers after a hectic day at work. After all, who has a good day at work? Time to put their lights on. The news did make the impact on people – most of them were running with their lights on the road. The live coverage said there’s nothing happening tonight so far, people are going home with their normal lights and seemed to stop using high beam. And then it happened. One of the non-believer, started his car and switched his high beam, and entered into the traffic. He smiled to himself – “White Knight – a drunken idiot!” and increased his speed on the traffic. He heard a bursting sound – the sound of his head light dying. Smoke was coming out of his car’s head lights. At the same time, he heard the same sound around him and realized that he’s driving only with the help of the street lights. Panicked, he switched on his left indicator and pulled over aside to see smoke coming out of his car’s head lights. And then, like a magic, when he saw the traffic, he noticed, one by one, the head lights of the cars that have their high beam on, started bursting up like a cracker. “Damn you White Knight!”

The live coverage went on to report the incidents. “We are bringing you the live coverage from the Mount Road where you can see a lot of cars are pulling over. Apparently, their head lights have been burst out after they switched on their high beam. Looks like the White Knight has made something that is making the car’s high beam lights go burst like a cracker. People who use the normal lights don’t have any impact by this and are driving safely. We advice people not to use the high beam inside the city for your own safety.”

The coverage from another news channel showed some accidents because of the light bursts. It was chaos all around the city that night. At 9, a channel summarized the incidents happened on that night. About 30% of the vehicles were in the service center for a new head light and most of them were IT company buses that had about 6 lights on a side.

—— 00000 ——

“Stop this” she said after bursting into his room.

He gave her a look and then started typing more codes.

“I said stop it Ram. You better watch the news – it’s chaos out there and there had been accidents because of what you did”

He stopped typing for a moment as if he heard what she said and then started typing codes again.

“Are you hearing me?” she started coming forward as if she’s going to pull the keyboard from him.

“I can hear you alright. Do you think I didn’t know accidents would happen when I planned this?” he was still typing.

“Then why the hell are you doing this? People might die, Ram!”

“Then it’s the price that I’m willing to pay for no such future incidents”

“No Ram. This is not you. You’ve taken junior’s accident seriously. You couldn’t have done anything to stop it. It’s not your fault!” She realized it too late.

He stopped typing. A tear rolled down his cheek. There was a long silence. “I could have Raji. I could have. I don’t want any more accidents happen because of a high beam and I don’t want any father losing his only son. This is for a greater good and a brighter future.”

She walked over to him and gave him a hug. “I know Ram. I know what you’re trying to do. I just don’t like the way you do it” tears came down from her eyes too.

There was a long silence once again and then he moved her aside and started typing more codes. She knew that nothing she could do to stop him. It’s that attitude that attracted her to him.

“So, how did you do it?” she asked looking over the codes.

“Are you interested in my vigilante program?” he said with a little smile.

“May be. How do bursting head lights work?”

“Through the cell phone towers. I’ve hacked into almost all the cell phone service providers and use their signal to detect for a high beam. Once the source is identified, I use the internet to locate the car key’s resistor and using the circuit, I kill the bulbs of the source by sending 75% of the car’s battery life into it. Using the maps, I’ve programmed it to work inside the city, so the highway high beamers won’t be affected.”

“Hmmm. Interesting”

“Is that compliment?”

“You could say so. A vigilante not only kill peoples’ head lights – what else have you planned for?”

“Oh, this is just a beginning. A personal satisfaction, I would say. There’s lot more to come!” he said with a smile on his face.

“What are you doing now?”

“Sending out the news that The White Knight will continue to serve!”

She looked up at the screen and a news paper column showed the message (Click on the image to get a better view).


–To be continued.

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