[Movie Review] The Man from Earth (2007)

I have a lot to do, with so little time. But, with all of this, I can’t just take this movie away from my mind – I’ve decided to drag everyone in this.


I’m a fiction lover and everything that’s not happened or probably never gonna happen attracts me a lot. This “The man from Earth” is a 2007 science fiction movie – more of a ‘cult’ movie. With fiction, the best theme is ‘What if?’. Here’s what IMDB says about this movie:

An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he never ages and has walked the earth for 14,000 years.

Interesting isn’t it? Now did you notice the hero’s last name was a pun? This is a very simple movie having complicated and complex questions with straight forward answers. You are meeting a guy who is Fourteen thousand years old and imagine the type of questions you have for him, when he’s ready to answer ’em. Or, do you think he’s just a fake, who just wants to pull your leg? This movie satisfied me with the type of questions that I wanted to ask to a man, who’ve lived this long. I can’t believe how I’ve missed this movie so far and would definitely thank the man who shared this with me!

What makes this movie more interesting [than the actual synopsis shared above] is the audience, who get to ask questions to the so called the man who walked Earth for 14 thousand years. Six professors [a Biologist, a Psychiartrist, an Art-History professor & a religious, an Anthropologist, a Historian, and an Archaeologist], knowing very well in what they teach and a young, but a not-so-naive-student.

When the ‘what ifs’ and ‘how coulds’ are being answered, you’ll feel yourself drawn into the movie, frame some questions of your own, which will, be asked and answered later on! The movie also has twists and turns, some of them will be unexpected and just tells you the wide imagination, the writer had! This is no action movie – no super powers – pure drama-science-fiction and the questions and answers are the swords and shields! There is actually a suspense as to if he really is 14 thousand years old or not in the movie, but in the end, it becomes clear. I wish they didn’t clear that! Here’s some interesting dialogues which I loved from the movie [saved the best for the last]!


“Where were you in 1292 A. D?” to which he says “Where were you a year ago on this date?”


“I have ten degrees, including all of yours…”


“No matter how outrageous we think it is, no matter how highly trained some of us think we are, there’s absolutely no way to disprove it.”


“Time. We can’t see it, we can’t hear it, we can’t weigh it, we can’t measure it in a laboratory. It’s a subjective sense of becoming what we are instead of what we were a nanosecond ago, becoming what we will be in another nanosecond. The Hopis see time as a landscape, existing before and behind us, and we move… we move through it, slice by slice.”

I understand the movie, but I quite don’t get why they titled the movie this way! Highly recommended for those who love fiction!

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