50 years of Time and Space

I was inspired by, and I wanted to inspire people too. This is a lengthy post, please spend some time – imagine the time and effort I spent to write this! This is about a series called “Doctor Who”, but please, don’t navigate away, you non-series addict people, what’s wrong in reading? There isn’t any pre-requisite for this post to be understood, so, please do read on. I’m emphasizing this because, most of my series related posts are the least read posts. This could very well be the only time I’m writing a dedicated post on a series.

As you know, I’m a series addict, and this doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you that I’m in love with this series “Doctor Who”. Having said that, I want you to know that I’ve never enjoyed a series like this, the fun, the imagination and the deliverance, which “Doctor Who” had. I must tell you that I’ve seen a lot of series, but I have never spent any of my time to emphasize people to watch a series (only when they ask me about!) That is the amount of impact I’m having after finishing the 7 season Doctor Who. I can go on, but let me start to inspire you.

Who’s the hero, who’s the hero?:

Now, let’s begin. The series, Doctor who started 50 years back, in 1963. But, I haven’t seen all of it – it restarted again during 2005. There’s where my Doctor journey begun. This series is a Science Fiction, about a time travelling Alien – ‘A Time Lord’ from a planet called Gallifrey, who calls himself ‘Doctor’. No one knows his actual name, the reason behind the series name, Doctor Who? He looks like a human, with two hearts. There’s where my inspiration begun – two hearts! He mostly travels with a ‘companion’, a female, mostly a human. Now, the first question that arose in my mind after knowing about the series that begun during 1963 was, how a single person can be casted as a Doctor in all of the series. There should definitely be a recast. Yes, there was a lot of recast. 12 of them (Well, technically 13, but you’ll understand when you see) since the series begun. But, this is a science fiction series! So, they added a scientific reason for every recast! Now, I’m sure most of you would have seen our “Shakthimaan” where the enthusiastic journalist ‘Geetha Viswas’ was recast. Did they give you a reason why? Doctor who provides answer to almost everything around the series – it’s like you’re living and traveling along with the Doctor!

A picture of the two hears of The Doctor and the 11 Doctors, in the order from 1963 to 2013. 

The Characteristic Doctors:

The thing about recast is that, they almost never change. They do the same work – save people or sentimental or love someone (like Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins/The Dark Knight – the character never changed). But, after every recast, after ‘regeneration’ as they call it here, a new Doctor will take over the role. But, he will not be the same character as the previous actor, the director gives the actor his own space and to add his own essence to the actual character. For instance, my ‘first’ Doctor (the 9th Doctor), casted by Christopher Eccleston, repeats the word “Fantastic” very frequently. The next one, David Tennant, who took over the role, repeats the word “Allons-y” a French word meaning “Let’s go”. The next one, Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, repeats two – “Bow-ties-are-cool” and “Geronimo”.

The words that describes The Doctors. 

The Time Machine:

He calls his time machine a ‘TARDIS’ – Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It’s much more than a machine, it disguises as anything nearby where it’s landed. When it lands near a 1963 police box, one of its circuits is broken and is stuck in that shape forever. It’s like a police box, more like a telephone box, only bigger on the inside! The first look at itself, impress you! They call it a ‘Time Lord Art’ – like a 3D painting! It’s actually not the perfect time machine; it’s totally an unreliable one. Most of the time, the Doctor intends to go somewhere and it takes him somewhere else! That way, the fun goes on! The most lovable thing of the TARDIS is the sound of it when it’s landing, a cyclic wheezing, groaning noise, anyone who’s a Doctor Who fan, would love it!

TARDIS, the Time Machine

What does a Doctor do?

So, what does a Doctor do? Heal people? Save people? Milk money from the people? (Sorry, got distracted!) Well, since this is an alien Doctor, he (ofcourse) saves people, saves universe, saves earth, saves Aliens, and does a lot of savings. But, let me tell you – it never gets old and that’s not exactly what he does all the time in the series! The thing that makes you interesting is that, how he saves and who he saves. What more, who his enemy is. Time travel and outer world kindles your imagination, the Doctor faces a variety of enemies, and you’d be surprised that you might fall in love with the way an enemy was created. I was inspired by a lot of his enemies, but “The Weeping Angels” and the “Daleks” are one of the best!

The Doctor, saving…

An image that I found amusing describing the Daleks


The Imagination:

As I said, time travel and outer world kindles your imagination. Steven Moffat, the lead writer of Doctor Who said “What would be the point of having this job if I didn’t get to make up some of the maddest possible scenes I’ve ever had in my head since I was a kid?” He did create a lot of monsters – I love the weeping angels most among his other creations. This would be a spoiler for the future Doctor Who audience, but I couldn’t resist writing about the Daleks and the Weeping Angles. Daleks are another alien race, rivalry to the Time Lords. They’re like India and Pakistan. Now, you know about Time Lords – human alike with two hearts, but Daleks are just like a robot (not robot, robot, inside the metal case, there’s an alien creature!) with only one emotion – ‘hate’. They don’t have any other emotions, care only about the Dalek race and wouldn’t hesitate to kill any other race for no reason at all (just to show their supremacy), making them the dangerous creature who could wipe out the entire universe. The weeping angels on the other hand are like ‘Silent killers’. They look like an angel stone statue, only with their eyes covered by their own hands, disguising as a weeping angel. When you look at them, they won’t move. When you close your eyes to blink or move your eyes off them, they move towards you. And, when they touch you, you’ll never exist in the present, you’ll be sent to past! All the life that you would have lived, had the angels not touched you, will be theirs! Next time, when you see a stone statue, don’t blink!


The Daleks and the Weeping Angels

Behind the scenes:

Not behind the Doctor Who scenes, but the in-between-time I watched Doctor Who this past one month. I’d been in constant touch with Ramanan – the fiction lover, who inspired/introduced me to Doctor Who as you might be familiar. We would discuss on the episodes that I watched previous night and he did his best without spoilers. I had a lot of doubts, and such a patient guy he was, he cleared all of them! I must say that I equally enjoyed having a likeminded person (I’m not sure if he thinks so because, he’s much more!) to discuss this mutual interest of ours. A couple of my bay-mates noted that I chat with Ramanan frequently, and their comment was “You talk to a ‘guy’ for such a long time? What do you guys talk?” The talks about the Doctors, the ‘wait’ period, about the classic who and even the female companions! We even continue our discussion via sms/whatsapp. It was one hell of a fun ride!


The female companions of the Doctors!


After watching Doctor Who, you’ll feel very differently. You’ll look at things in a different way – like thinking twice about taking an eye of a stone statue. You will have more imaginations, if you’re a writer, you’ll suddenly have more creative ways to produce a story. When you come across a telephone booth, you’ll think of TARDIS. When you re-watch Big Bang Theory, you’ll notice that Wil Wheaton once wore a ‘Dalek’ T-shirt. You’ll have the itch to talk to someone who watched/watching Doctor Who. You’ll be inspired and you would want to inspire someone.


A combination of images, a phone booth, Tardis, Blink, Dalek and Wil Wheaton (Note his [black] T-Shirt in the image)

The end:

The last movie I saw was over a month ago. After watching the mind blowing Doctors in the past one month, I decided to revisit my movie collections and guess what film I decided to watch – “About Time”, a movie about a time travelling man! Well, probably it’s not that bad of a movie, but my expectation after Doctor Who could have spoiled it! Before I finish, I want to tell you something. If you have watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’, you’d want a person like Sheldon Cooper. If you have watched Sherlock Holmes, you’d love to have a personal detective. If you have watched Shakthimaan, you’d want super powers. But, if you watch Doctor Who, you wouldn’t want anything, you would just want with the journey to go on and on! Right, then, thanks for your patience to read this long post; I hope I have inspired you. Let me know if you want the 7 season Doctor Who! See ya!

Image Courtesy: Google

Photo Collage: Fotor


The White Knight – Series

He was a glorified software engineer. Anything anyone asks him for, he’ll get it done – the maximum time he has taken to do so is 1 day. He had never switched company because, the company that he worked for made sure to raise his salary twice in a year – an exception that’s not even made for the CEO of that company. He infact negotiate/withdraw salary in US $s while working in India. He had everything he needed for his life – a good job, a loving and caring wife, good money (ofcourse!) and the blessings of his parents. He had been earning in $s for the last 10 years and there’s a talk going on that he’d soon be the richest man in India. He had multiple houses in and around most of the cities in Tamil Nadu, almost all the states in India and even a couple in the US of America. God is not the type who’d give only happiness to his fellow disciples, is he? He had issues too and the major one being his only son died in a terrible accident. With the wealth he had, he could have sued the lorry driver who hit his car and taking away his only child. The case was closed as an accident and the driver’s license was ‘punched’ once and he paid for the bail and walked away. After that night, he resigned his job and settled in the almost-farthest-end-of-India – a remote village near Kanyakumari. Six months passed and the world thought the emerging wealthy had lost his mind after his only son’s departure and very soon, forgot about him. Little do they know on what he was doing in that remote village or what comes the following day.

—— 00000 ——

Hello all, I’m new to wordpress and this is my first attempt at creating a ‘series’. I’ve created some short stories earlier and shared them through blogspot. I’m looking for wider audience and this is my attempt to widen my circle. This is a super hero story, inspired by many, many such movies that I watched. I’m naming it “A White Knight”, after my favorite “Dark Knight” and a photo shared at Facebook (below). I’ll try and create each and every part as one episode – i.e., one story per episode, so people who miss one could still follow the next. This is not going to be a mega-series with lots of episodes. The frequency of the episodes depends solely upon my availability, so please don’t be disappointed (!) if I don’t write often. First part would be published shortly. As always, your feedback’s important! Please do leave them on the comments section!





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